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Biography of Sophat

Author:Khmer Stories

Mr. Suon is the Mayor of Serey Sophorn District. youThe districts knew that he went with a man namedsoy. Later, he was transferred to Phnom Penh by the government.Mr. Sun can't take Sawyer, who is pregnant with him because But his mother has committed her child. he left Give Soya a ring and promise to get back to her. Alone in Ou Zongya, and later gave birth to a son.Sofat's name. Mother of two, miserable even with tickets She also didn't get a call from Su-ang. I know Mr. Sun hasHer new wife fell ill, and her children were taken away.I went to the pagoda when I was eight years old. twelve years old The children left the area for Phnom Penh to find their biological father.After arriving in Phnom Penh, Sophat check-in at Wat OunalomI met a child named Nalin. Later, Damonarin's father agreed. Keep Sophat by your side. The day after Sophat took a shower and forgotRings in the bathroom. Man Yan met in the bathroomSee the drug and give it to the tycoon. he also knowsSophat is his own child. Neighbor's bride Ori is interested in Sophat. The famous woman goes to Sophat's room all night but is told by Sophat to let go. Seeing such a scene, Maya was disappointed. I fell in love with such a man. She escaped from So Phat was always there, and Sophat remembered what he might have done to her. Very disappointed and decided to leave the house. after familyMr. Suon knew that Sophat had left his home, so he ordered them to follow him. Police find body believed to be Sopha continue. Meanwhile, Sophat lived with Sok Mayor and changed His name is Pansy. Samnang, a rich man's son, is also getting married Full of bells. Later, Man Yan went to see Sofat. Suppose Sofat's ghost comes to her at the district chief's house. On her wedding day, she jumped to her death by the river but was killed by Fisherman who rescues Sofat when he meets a horse. Yanyan fled to Chaizhen Province again. Because Sophat was involved in a traffic accident on the way back to Phnom PenhMan, Yan was seriously ill in the province, and both of them were He was taken to a hospital in Phnom Penh, where they met by chance. Finally, Mr. Sun found the two of them and held a ceremony traditionally marry them and live with their familyPeace from now on

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