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Biography of Uon Som

Author:Khmer Stories

Uon Som was born in 1852 in Kampov commune, Sithor Kandal province (Sangkat Kampov district). Sithor Kandal, Periyen Province). My parents are Yin, a middle-class peasant in the village. Komar Som has seven siblings, and all boys are named Sar and Kim Ok Srey. Sam and fit When Som was 15, his father sent him to study at the Indakhara Temple Call Kampom to learn various arithmetic letters. Two years later, parents baptize their children As a monk with the tower. After two years of fasting, he bid farewell to the Chief Inspector and the seminar, Help work and serve the elderly rich, but because they want their kids to know too many parents, Chik Som, have their sons ordained with God in another pagoda Venerable Ros, also known as Kong Chea Upchhay, was ordained Preah Botum Thether Som at 21. Bhikkhu Som Chea Samanak is very fond of Buddhism, and he studies hard Dharma discipline cannot be ignored. Monks, Laity and Laity always respect The responsibilities in life always guide him. he died Meak's 80-year-old withered by old age corresponds to 1932 AD. Bhikkhu Som is very diligent in writing various stories. According to his habit, he often wrote the time. In the afternoon, he wrote the story on a piece of paper or a pencil, copy-pasting it into the script. The grandson of the banana tree, Vimian, the mother of all rights, flowers, and water, I don't see word of mouth without knowing where he came from because I can't find the original documents left. For Tum Teav, he wrote it based on a female singer named "Sai" boolean. The singer has sung in Sithor Kandal district and other provinces. Many of them put their titles on themselves: Come ... " So the story of Tum Teav that we study today is not his story, but This famous or mature story is true in our Cambodian society. Poets just make up words A compilation is no different from that of a historical novelist or a loving hero. No country has documents, but today locals are talking to each other; he In his preface, he also said: "It will be a straightforward, negotiable, mixed game Since ancient times, body language has been a long story and a long way to go. uncertainty, prejudice To open the gap and verify the description, we revised the land of fresh ice and proposed it more. Let all the people in the world, men and women, know. This poem shows that Bhikkhu Som was a knowledgeable poet. In Tum Teav's story, He further stated, "It's a long story...". Preah Botum Ther Some died in 1932 at the age of 80.

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