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Cambodia 1914


the First World War in 1914 1919 - France colonizes Cambodia Suffering Khmer women were mobilized by colonists to fight them German Pass. At the same time, the increase in tax rates has also increased Every month, people get angry. people 3,000 protest and petition in Muk Kampul district King Sisowath helped alleviate this tax problem. even nature There is anger, like lightning hitting a stupa. Emeralds and comets. Like other provinces, Kampong Chhnang has a population of Poor living conditions have resulted in a family losing a wife and children. she wraps Sowan's wife died due to a lack of medical funds. As for Sovann, it was difficult to take care of her young children, so she accepted Ton as her Fiancรฉes are in their own national traditions. The people of Kraing Leav village have two friends, Chuon and Nou Conspiracy to Assassinate Bards Residence Savages in tax collection. sometimes and movement A group of 20 brave people also participated. In Doeum Ampil village, Pal commune chief receives a livelihood report In the town, it is challenging to combine taxation, and ask The upper classes resigned and fled. Bardes Residence Issuance Tax by yourself. By April 18, 1925, the tax was collected Kraing Leav village led by security forces Bardes Residence Lach and a chef named Boi, then Bardes and Nyonny Nyombie. In this case, one lets you Dare to go out and fight and kill resident Bards without fear hand. Only one cook escaped and brought the seedlings. That's to be reported in Pound Chhnang. Brave after killing Bards and his accomplices Tried to go to Kampong Ching Yang but was ambushed by French troops Some people died and ran into the forest in Trapeang Sre village. Brave is Some were shot, and others were arrested and held on the island. Trallach, on the other hand, had to flee the village to live in the forest. story Killing Bardes provokes backlash from Kongsey Senapati French colony. King Sisowath issues proclamation of changes From Kraing Leav village to Tichchan village name for at least ten years and build an emerald glass stupa and celebrate on May 18 sa every year. Finally, the soldiers moved in with the residents In their village, Sowen and Tang also live happily together. Some of them returned together to be reunited with their wives and children.

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