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History Between Tum and Teav


Tum is the son of a widow in Ba Phnom district, Prey Veng province. Learned vegetarianism at Wat Vihear Thom with a friend named Pich. Both Knowledge of magic, chanting, blowing, and selling. Respectively Tum has a beautiful appearance and a beautiful voice. One day, the two asked. The Chief Inspector sold the stall. Tum and Pich sold to the district. Bee Gem. Tum smot is beautiful and amazes residents of Tbong Khmum Label. She is Neang Teav's party, and she sees a beautiful mature, beautiful voice Love, but low status, she goes home and tells her. Duck Upon learning the news, he begged his mother to invite Nentum to his house to pray. Tum smot is beautiful, Teav is also in love, and prepared dumplings Barisla Let her bring maturity, and hopefully, meet maturity. And mature, I love the noodles too. When he arrived at the pagoda, Toum tried to ask the teacher for advice. The teacher refused because the predicted numbers were not good. About death. The teacher didn't let it mature, so he went to his mother for a teacher unsuccessful. Tum decides to steal alone, also in a hurry Boul Pich returns to Tbong Khmum. Sometimes my mother wasn't mature at that time He went upstairs at the time and had sex with her. Later, Orchun, the governor of Tbong Khmum province, got engaged to Neang Teav. Let ten thousand people be his sons. Meanwhile, Tum and Pich are attacked by King Rama, who ruled in Longvek and was brought to the palace because Tum knew how to smot Pretty. Because King Rama wanted a beautiful girl to be his concubine, he chose Looking for beautiful girls, stroking Tum's girlfriend Teav, making Teav's mother happy Very. When they met in the palace before the king, they sang and described everything. It all made the king a couple at the time and allowed the noodles to mature. This made her mother very upset and hurried over. Hometown, try to forge a letter to tell her. The body is very ill. After learning the news, she immediately went home to visit her mother. His mother forced him to marry Mean Nguon. Desperate girl writing a letter Let Tum know. Then the king sent a message to Tum and Pich Don't be happy. Teav Tum unconscious, desperate, drinking after arriving home. She hugs her in front of the guests, which makes her mom angry, so she offers to cheer her on. Catch the ripe one and kill it under the Baoxiang fruit tree. know her husband is Kill the noodles and keep them ripe. They both committed suicide. Diamond Bring this unfortunate news to the king, who will come to trial, ecstatic Men Nguon and Teav's mothers were buried alive and raked over their heads As for the residents of Tbong Khmum, they are all workers.

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