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Khmer King Yot

Author:Khmer Stories

In the territory of Kampong Svay, there is a man named "Meas" with the title of Oknha Techo Borom Reach Called "Techo Meas." He has a wife named "Sen," who is a mistress and a student A man named "Yat" always went to the battlefield to fight with the teacher everywhere. The couple is very much in love with "Yat." King Samre appointed Self-proclaimed "King Samre Rajathiraj" set up an army base in Kampong Hao (Kampong Chhnang), organized One fort was named "Banteay Nokor." Such Samre is the leader of the rebellion against Sdech Preah Chey Jeska to seize power to rule the earth. Techo Meas and Yat try to raise troops Suppressed the rebels very much but failed. Chumteav Sren prepared a trick to The Same King falls in love with her and refuses to drink until he is drunk. And his party were arrested by Techo Meas Yat and his army to be handed over to King Chey Cheka Kingdom law. After the victory over Sdech Samre, Techo Meas passed away Go. The King also gave the title to Techo Yot to lead the army instead. Techo Yot Received royal orders and swords to crackdown on insurgents in Pursat province. Through the experience of Duke Chakrey and Kralahom failed to crack down on prisoners of war.There, Techo Yot discovered that the defeat of the war was caused by the enemy from Behind the back. Techo Yot mobilizes troops in Longvek, Kampong Svay, including tens of thousands Who was also the King's brother-in-law to find the enemy behind Techo Yot ordered the army All generations drag the bamboo upside down to build a fort if anyone is opposed to be killed Rejected. Ten thousand Jai Chong Rak factions did not follow this order and even acted arbitrarily. Because of the sister who used to take bribes and the concubine of the King will help free this generation. Techo Yot founded that act to find that there were tens of thousands.An enemy behind his back and captured and killed. After receiving the news that the younger brother Mistress Nou told the King to arrest Techo Yot and execute him. King Complied with the concubine's request, but Techo Yot did not come as ordered, citing He is hand in hand to suppress the rebellious enemy, and then he will come to punish himself. By The concubine's request was too strong, and the King forced Techo Yot to come face to face with Nou. Techo Yat accused the concubine of being the enemy behind her back during the debate. Because he disturbed himself during the battle, opened the opportunity for the enemy to attack and take bribes to protect Tens of thousands of Jai Chong Rak factions disrupted the army and threw a sword to kill Nou. Techo Yot announces to the officials that they will crackdown on the enemy and then come to receive punishment from God Self. The crackdown on the Siamese insurgents has succeeded, Techo Yot has been tortured. Put yourself in order to be punished by the King for killing Nou. King Not allowed to meet and ordered to release the officer and to inspect the work in Kampong Svay province. Techo Yot Desperate to take Chumteav Sren as his wife, but did not succeed because Chumteav Sren Yat was thought to be an ethnic minority and a former husband's student. Observing Madam Such racist love, Techo Yot used tricks to steal wood from the stairs of her house Sren came to the blacksmith to carve a statue of Buddha and a golden statue and announced a big ceremony Send Kosal to his teacher. Chumteav Sren attended the ceremony and worshiped the Buddha statue. And the statue of Techo Meas, but was told by Techo Yat that he worshiped the stairs of the house At that time, Chumteav Sren understood the meaning of Techo Yot's actions and agreed to get married. With Techo Yot at that time

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