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Reality Of Cambodian Society Under Two Colonies


1935 in Kork Chambok village, Kandal Steung district, Kandal province Kem commune chief has been fired, and Uncle Phan has been replaced because Uncle Phan has a lot of wealth, is good at collecting taxes, and knows how to please his boss Chief. On Sunday, Phan commune chief always brings the district chief to drink for a girl Female, especially with Neang Kven in Doeum Krasang village. During mobilization For Japan, Phan commune chiefs get a lot of money and merit. During his five years of work, Phan commune chief won two medals. Lim, son of Ta Nget Yeay Mok, was sent by Phan Ken commune chief Pochentong Airport, despite more than a month, left to Get married. Lim is a Buddhist monk who has an idea Progressive has a rational belief in the concept of karma. Understanding Know the deep work in society Lim Ban Khim, who is a layman in Bassac Preah Trapeang helps guide. On the way to Pochentong, Commune Chief Phan and Chief The district has a sinister plan to want Heng by letting Yeay Chan act Turtle master. This was not achieved. The commune chief Phan also used threatening methods that The police will arrest Heng. Understand uncle Svay's uncomfortable situation Ming Pot took Heng to hide at Ta Nget's house, Yeay Mok broke up The heart of the cart leads the future son-in-law to sell rice in Phnom Penh, waiting for the day Come back and get married. It was a disaster when US planes dropped bombs on the roundabout. Remarkable Japanese military base at the stupa of Wat Ounalom, Ta Nget, Yeay Mok, and The bomb also killed Heng. After finishing work in Pochentong, Lim returned to Hometown. At that time, Lim lost everything, his parents The couple also died, Ong Pang Thao dragged the farmland and house Into paying off the debt of the father's ghost. One day after receiving a letter from Layman Yim, the teacher Mak handed it over slowly and went to see Yim at Nou Dong's house in Phnom Penh. Hear Must be responsible for Nou Dong, who just escaped from prison to Svay Daun Keo to Continue the resistance movement with France. Stung is Nou Dong's younger brother after graduating from high school I entered to work in Prey Veng province. Mong rested at the teacher's house Navy. This teacher has a cousin named teacher Kou Ros. Meng And teachers live together in the dry fields and understand each other Sincere liver. Later, Mong received a letter from Nou like you Enter the forest to struggle together. That night, he was angry and wrote a letter. Put the words under the mattress, let the teacher live, and then go out with you. 1954 Geneva Conference forces France to grant independence Three countries in Indochina. After the victory, the district became independent Lim returned to his Hometown with other resistance fighters. The substantial part was Paralyzed in one arm during the struggle and also willing to live to grow crops in the district. This news made the couple more satisfied. You both are But always be loyal to each other, and Mong also set a time to rebuke you. Teachers live to organize happiness together.

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