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Story Of Pauline Rose


In an old house with a tiled roof, Ta Chem, the father of Chao Chet In Svay Por district, Battambang province, the Serey Pong family is sleeping River in bed, no matter how hard the doctor tried to treat It cannot be cured. Before he died, he rebuked Chao ChetThere is a saying that "Attahi Attano Natho." After his father died, Dr. Sath advised his grandson Chit to go to work as a worker in Pailin at the house of Mr. Luong Ratanasambath, who was His uncle. I received a letter from a beautiful doctor, and Chao Chet did Travel to Pailin and was also accepted by Mr. Luong Ratanasambath With being a gem worker. Since then, Chao Chet has worked tirelessly as a gem miner. Do not drag or drop, which is why Luong Rating Sambath Penh Very emotional. The other workers are also satisfied. I love to read Chao Chet, everyone. One night, Chao Chet sang the song Youvaphi Rom in his hut. The sound of the song made Khun Neary go down. Come to the park or can not resist the beauty also cause into the house Chao Chet's small. According to their respective ideologies, Khun Neary and Chao Chet have a conversation in words gardens and talk with one another. The following day, when Chao Chet went to dig for gems, they had Phop helped to drive his car, which was intended to go to Sangke district Mr. Ballard sank. Ta Son, the driver, when he saw Chao Chet Knowing how to drive, he asked for law because he was busy. Mr. Rattan Sambath also agreed to let Chao Chet replace Ta Son. On the way to the boss to Sangke district, Chao Chet held The basket follows Khun Neary to the shopping .... Shopping After that, Khun Neary and Chao Chet returned to receive Mr. Ratanasambath And Mr. Ballat returned to Pailin. But unfortunately arrived wearing a neck The middle of the road was also damaged, causing some quarrels between Chao Chet and Mr. Ballet, because everyone is jealous of Khun Neary's beauty. In the middle of the forest, Chao Chet and the bride Talk to each other until you understand each other. Suddenly Suddenly, a thief came out and robbed. Chao Chet fought With the brave thieves, causing many thieves to be injured As for Chao Chet, he was also knocked unconscious. After the injury Brought Chao Chet to the hospital for treatment with the help Support from Mr. Luong Ratanasambath. By trying to cure the disease of the teacher Doctors and close care from Khun Neary Chao Chet Healed. From that day on, Chao Chet and Khun Neary's pride also vanished during that time. Due to the noble qualities of Chao Chet, Mr. Luong Rattan Sambath also appointed Chao Chet to be in charge of overseeing Tbong, on the other hand, is no longer a worker. One day, Mr. Ballat of Sangke district brought Judge Phan home Mr. Ratanasambath to buy gems. After showing the gems The landlord agreed to take the new boss to see the gem mine with Chao Chet left Khun Neary and Mr. Ballat in the house. By the way Love without borders, Mr. Ballat caught Khun Neary raping her. Grandson Chit came to beat Mr. Ballat. Mr. Rattan agreed to pardon Punishment of Mr. Ballat and his boss Phan Te warned him to stop coming to the floor again. That night, when Chao Chet was floating in the room suddenly heard the sound of thieves coming to rob Mr. Ratanak's house. Workers struggle in Below, Chao Chet goes up to the place to meet the thief, who is the boss Phan Fighting for a long time to kill this thief. As for Mr.Ballat Srok is fighting to capture Khun Neary, and Chao Chet also killed more. Chao Chet's many advantages make Luong Ratanasambath Very pleased, seeing his sincerity Of Chao Chet on Khun Neary, Mr. Luong Rattanak also arranged to combine Chao Chet and Khun Neary is a married couple and shares his wealth with them. Live peacefully. This new couple is thrilled And they live together in peace, born as grandchildren and great-grandchildren Respectively

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