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Story Of Themi Chetak


Temi Cheatak is a Buddhist religious story written in the national anthem. It shows the past history of the ten kingdoms of Sakyamuni Buddha, which is a masterpiece. The Pali language dates back more than 2,000 years. The author wrote this story Compiled in short Pali language, ancient scholars in Cambodia translated into detailed The annotations divide it into ten volumes, collectively referred to as "National Books." Ideals, important advice, and proverbs. Guoshu is a famous Buddhist reading. The general public, especially in the Cambodian countryside. According to the document of Dr. Khim Som Republished in 1999, Buddhists used to hold funerals in ancient times. Listen to the national anthem seven nights, seven days a year. Followed by shrinkage, they need more Celebrating long days does not happen, and shortening celebrations for shorter periods of time. in this era The national anthem, especially Temi Chetak, remains a popular tale often heard by monks. Come and preach to Buddhists at traditional festivals such as Bon Chai Fourth, increase life expectancy. This means that the story lives on from time immemorial to the present. The same goes for the impact on Cambodian society. As the story became popular, Repeat translation and editing. Like 1489 AD. Teacher Preah Krou Borathip Vasey Vicheavat shortened Tos Cheatak's story in 1946 Complete only 2 hours of performance and listen to the big story. in an ad In 1958, the National Ministry of Education Curriculum Organizing Committee decided to include it in summary. Nationality in the Modern Secondary School Curriculum with Improved Features Complete a national summary book. Temi Cheatak is the first story in the national anthem. If we check the journey A story or just listen to a story, a lot of wisdom can be gained from the traditional theories of Khmer society and Buddhism. Also, this allows you to learn. Learn why Cambodians act and act the way they do This is done to express gratitude, celebrate, build, give and give. Recognizing the importance of this, the Curriculum Subcommittee and Textbooks from the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports have decided to include it in the scheme. New learning, high school. Here's an analysis of the whole story for you and your students. The reader clearly understands the story's meaning, image, and essence.

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