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Tale of Boss Thief


Three people and after driving hit the car of Hong Li, causing death and injury. Many people then came to Uncle Hom at home to demand 10,000 riels, which The boss hired him to do this act. When he arrived, he did not meet with the boss, and he met with Panit. Uncle Said this story to Panit. Panit posted to escape because he knew that the government was But to catch him. Uncle Hom refused to follow Panit's advice. Panit made Uncle Hom hide waiting for the boss. When the boss arrived, Uncle Hom rushed to ask for 10,000 riels as promised, but the grandson refused, ignored them, and told Uncle Hom to escape by giving him 200 riels. Uncle Hom refused It also caused a lot of arguments to the workers Sok Kong Tri, and they came out to see. Panit Tell the story of the boss arguing with Uncle Hum, tell them. The boss still refuses to give money to Uncle Hom, while uncle He refuses to leave, and he continues to argue despite the boss' threats. Yan's uncle's wife, missing her husband, came home and went to the boss's house by chance to meet Uncle. And the boss is arguing. The boss lied to Yan about doing bad things Uncle Hom's. The boss kindly told Yan to let Uncle Hom escape. The boss even gave The money went to her for 300 riels, but her uncle forbade her to accept it. Yan does not know The words believe the story of the boss. She begs her husband to run away because she does not want him to go to jail But Uncle Hom refuses and even gets angry with her as a wife. Panit Uncle Hom was stopped, but his boss threatened to fire him. Panit is not afraid, but he is very talkative. One boss until he heard the worker Sok Mean Kong Try come out. At that time, the conflict escalated. And the more open the conversation, the more you know about the evil of the boss. All of you support Uncle Hom. Seeing the uneasy situation, the boss used tricks Break by promising to give workers Sok Mean Kong Try, 10,000 Riels each, do not I do not know when the police came to ask. After listening to the explanation of Uncle Hum Panit and Ms. Yan Then they refuse to follow their boss. Then the police arrived. Next After questioning, Se ordered the police to arrest Uncle Hom. Ministry of Police. Kong was caught by the police just shouting for justice Go to jail with Uncle Hom again. Other workers were fired by their employers from Then come.

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